Climate change
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Climate change

Michael Tung

While the world is going towards to its end, although, the bible hasn’t mentioned anything about the modern term “climate change”, however, famine, sun scorch, hail, drought, earth quake said in the bible are adequate to indicate there is a climate change. The prophecy of end time seemed to be in a lawlessness society. Imagine if there is insufficient food for the world population. It is only the rich and powerful who could have food. History has shown that riots and war could out break on famine. When we observe the world politics, it is clearly understood that we are already going towards a lawless environment. I had estimated Jesus could return in very few years. Reality seems there is still some more time to go. The circumstances are still not yet as bad as the bible described.

Climate change is the phenomena of carbon dioxide built up in the atmosphere. Scientists found that there are some gases and water vapour can trap heat like in a green house. The world temperature has already proven to be risen by a few degrees. The melting of North Pole ice and temperature rise could alternate the ecosystem of the world. Scientist said a few degree rise could affect the growth of crop very badly. Corn, a main food source for animals and humans is already seriously affected.

In the beginning of the earth, some biblical scientists believe the earth was rotating at right angle to the orbit. There was a layer of water above the atmosphere. This kind of arrangement did not have seasons. The earth was year round springtime. The water layer could filter off radiation from the sun. C14 carbon dating is based on the earth has constant radiation since the beginning; its accuracy is doubtful because there was no radiation prior to Noah’s time. There was no sea. The land was practically flat. There was no rain. Vegetations live on mist. The globe was full of forest. The poles were just as warm as the tropics. That is why the North Pole has oil resources nowadays. Oil and coal are the remains of forest and animals.

During Noah’s flood, the earthquake cracked the ground into pieces. Water was pouring out from under ground, and above the sky. Earthquake shook off the rotation axis to 23.5 degrees. Four seasons and oceans formed. Ice accumulated on the poles. Forests were buried under ground.

In the last hundred years, humans are consuming the resources before the flood in the form of oil and coal. The sudden release of abundant carbon dioxide created a burden on the earth atmosphere couldn’t bear. Imagine we are converting the forests prior to the flood into carbon dioxide. These forests were huge tropical forests, which we cannot recover them, due to the climate is very different in nowadays.

The climate change alarmed scientists and the average citizen. Tremendous rainfall below the subtropics and severe drought in the higher latitude area has already proven the theory is correct. Flooding, rise of sea level, earthquake and landslide made billions of people homeless. Worldwide famine is already spreading out. Famine does not seriously affect some people’s life because of the good transportation system in the modern world. Food could be transported quickly to the affected area. North Pole ice is shrinking. You and I have witnessed these events every day. You are the lucky one if your life quality has not been reduced.

Instead of saving the earth, people cannot give up the luxury. More automobiles are being made. More discoveries of oil were found. Leaders of the world are ignoring the seriousness of the matter. More wars are being fought, more military exercise. Corporation are convincing the public that climate change would bring better life. They irresponsibly said plants are more favourable to higher temperature. Scientist discovered that higher temperature could reduce the activity of plants. It lowers the production of food. Many countries are keeping an eye on the melting North Pole ice, which could bring oil resources and economic advantages.

Due to the selfishness of people, very little action had been done to reduce green house gases. Climate change has escalated in geometrical figures. Unless we do intensive action right away, otherwise, we are moving toward to self-destruction. The bible has stated very clearly that this earth will be abandoned on the last day for one thousand years. There won’t be life here. Jesus will take us to the New Jerusalem to live as king during this time. Then we shall return to the earth as New Heaven and New Earth. The earth will be restored to the same condition of the beginning. There won’t be death any more. It is only the righteous who qualify for this trip. You must baptize to be saved. Visit your closest Seventh-day Adventist Church for this great event. Or you shall be perished with the earth.







近百年來人類消耗洪水時代留下的資源 ── 石油。突然釋放大量二氧化碳令地球的大氣不能承擔。試想一想我們將洪水前的林木轉化成二氧化碳,這些樹林是巨大的熱帶樹林,我們無法將它們復原,因為今時之氣候已大不相同。 










近百年来人类消耗洪水时代留下的资源 -- 石油。突然释放大量二氧化碳令地球的大气不能承担。试想一想我们将洪水前的林木转化成二氧化碳,这些树林是巨大的热带树林,我们无法将它们复原,因为今时之气候已大不相同。 




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