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The Kyoto accord represents determination of countries to commit environment protection. Environmental protection cannot implement well is because of lack of confidence with the people, short sighted of government, and selfishness of corporation. The belief of keeping environmental clean will cost money is not true at all. Using the conservative thought to make judgement on future is absurd. Through careful study, the Eden plan committee submitted proposal to government of Canada, wishing she would change her mind of withdrawal from Kyoto accord. We deeply believe practicing environmental protection could boom our economy to a degree no less than the Second World War.

Japan is going to increase office air conditioning a few degree higher to reduce emission. This is a little punishment style saving. However, they expect it will trigger a new trend of fashion design on wearing lighter clothing to work.

China will have 1000 hydrogen propelled bus to serve the 2008 Olympics. It will bring in a leading industry of hydrogen fuel. China plant trees in the city of Beijing to reduce summer temperature. The train terminal of Lhasa is solar energy heated. The railway from Shanghai to Lhasa is using state of the art technology supplied by Bombardier, a Canadian company. This railway has air pressurized cars as in airplane, has proven Canadians has the technology to overcome environment.

The Eden plan preparatory committee submit to Canadian government a proposal which can stimulate our economy to a minimum of 20 years, which is much clever than fighting wars to boost economy. Our proposal is very traditional and simple, but it is incentive and smart. We proposed building green house or garden on rooftop on most buildings throughout Canada. We shall create a new profession of city farming. The public transit system is hindered by monopoly. Deregulate public transit law could bring in lots of small business ventures while reducing the number of autos on highway by at least 50%. Make a new CSA environmental code to use heat pump to obsolete air conditioning could reduce emission by at least 70%. Although we could face some reduction of sales, such as automobiles, petroleum, and natural gas, but this impact could be overcome by the venture of glass, plastic, building, farming, bus, taxi, appliance industries. We could make Canada less rely on imports such as fresh food, petroleum. We do have rooms to exceed Kyoto accord. The benefits to Canadians and to the world are beyond speculation.

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