TV piracy
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How to stop satellite TV piracy in Canada?

When I first encounter with satellite TV, I thought it is a hi-tech business. When I understand more about it, I discovered it is a thief business. I am no kidding. No matters from wholesale to retail, from purchase to installation, most of them are carried underground. Escape from taxes is not even need to mention.

You can encounter satellite TV in your daily life. Universities and private institutes are putting lectures on satellites.  Students can enrol at home. Supermarket in store commercial while customer shopping, gas station commercial while filling gas, and many programs you watched on public places are already broadcasting on satellites. Cost of broadcasting on satellite is much cheaper than conventional method. Many businesses can own private TV station. Some of them are encrypted for shareholder or employee watch only.

FTA, free to air TV is defined as clear signal TV programs for public watch. In North America, you can get multicultural programs, government propaganda programs, religion programs, some entertainment programs, educational programs, and miscellaneous programs for free. However, you would find 90% of dishes are not pointing to these stations. Majority of them are stealing signals from encrypted commercial broadcasters. Most of them are pointing to US and Canadian pay TV. There is no clear Canadian TV program broadcasting on Ku band. Canadian signals broadcasting on C band are not meant for public watch. They are for wholesale purpose.

US had already complained to Canada that our citizens are stealing their pay TV signal. It is shame of our citizen to steal signal from neighbour. Should we blame the conduct of our citizen or should we blame our country? The court will rule the parent is responsible on a kid committing stealing. The citizens of China pirate the copyright of Microsoft. So the government of China developed a free version of operating system, called Red Flag Linux. It fixed the piracy problem.

FTA is similar to short wave radio, which you can receive TV programs from many country of the world. The countries which you can receive in North America are: Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Japan, Korea, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Laos, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Span, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Telugu, Thailand, Turkey, Yemen, Vietnam, United Arabs, USA and etc. Canada does not have FTA.

The analogue TV broadcast will be switched off the air by 2008. By that time, you would hardly find any free TV signal because digital signal is very easy to encrypt. You could expect piracy will be more serious by that time.

Terrorism is a product of hatred. It is only love and mutual understand can fix the problem. An eye to an eye policy, which many countries using could not fix the root. Iron wrist can only suppress temporary. Use paper to wrap fire would embrace more fire. It is only mutual understanding and with love can fix hatred trouble. Provide education to our citizen and promote peace to the world is the duty of a responsibility country. Relaying Canadian signal to the world can provide proper entertainment and education to our citizens working overseas. It can also promote tourism, and let the world understand our political agenda. Canada is a multicultural country. We have the most races of the world. Therefore, this country has the best multicultural resources to educate the world.

Eden plan is a project, which we want to use love to promote peace to the world. We have some religion background, but we have no intention to promote religion. This project does not belong to and does not supported by any religion denomination. Eden plan intends to build many multicultural educational satellite TV stations. These signals will relay to the world through multiple satellites. The programs will be carefully selected to suit variety of people. It will not contain violence and obscene programs. Documentation, modest entertainment, news, children, science, crafts, cooking, health, environment, tourism, preach, and etc. programs will be shown. These TV stations will be self sufficient through selling selected commercials. We welcome government of Canada to participate.

To reduce piracy of TV signals Canada can do:

bulletPut clear signal of CBC, TVO, and many participating stations on satellite.
bulletBuild multicultural stations.
bulletCo-ordinate with several ministers to promote policy of Canada. Such as health, education, environment, tourism, politics, immigration, and etc.
bulletCanada will promote peace to show we are a responsible country.
bulletRelay these signal to the world through multiple satellites.

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