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    Three weeks ago, I discovered a birdís nest when I was trimming the cedar tree in front of my house. Then I found a little turquoise blue colour egg. I found an additional egg everyday there after. Four little eggs were accumulated. The nest is small. I thought it belonged to a small bird such as a finch. On observing the birds hiding from me. I found it was a robin. Since then, the mother robin was sitting there all the time to hatch her eggs. The bird was scared and flew away every time we pass by the front door. Eventually, she didnít care anymore. The nest is hardly accommodating a single bird; I wonder where the male bird was. The morning before the eggs were hatched, many birds were gathering at my front door. In the afternoon, I found two baby robins were emerged. When I took video on the babies, two birds were chirping at me anxiously. I realized the male is living in another tree near by, securing the female. One hour later, another baby bird emerged. Next day, all four eggs were successfully hatched.


< Two bird just emerged, while their brother and sisters are still eggs. Click pictures to watch movie. 



    The baby birds do not have eyes yet. Membranes covered up with dark contents, which are relatively large, compared to the head are the eyes. They have very large mouth. The babies hardly have enough energy to lift up their heads and still want to open the mouth wide to get food. The mother bird brought home a worm on the first hour of their birth. The feathers of the babies are hairy. The wings are tiny. The overall appearance is barely like a bird. The mother bird continues sitting on the babies even they are no longer eggs. Iím surprised that they do not suffocate. The nest is so small. This is the only position the mother can stay.


            All four eggs successfully hatched. Click picture to watch movie. >



< Parents are securing their babies. Click to watch movie.



Father bird is anxiously watching and chirping at me. Click picture to watch movie.  >



    One week later, all birds disappear. I figure there could be two reasons. It is either the parents does not feel secure on the present address, so she moved; or there is not enough room to accommodate the grown up babies, so they moved to the father's nest. I believe the hatching nest is purposely made small for hatching use only. She abandon the nest when the purpose is already reached. Please correct me if there are experts more knowledgeable on this area. Three weeks later, we saw baby robins flying around.
    Birds have their own culture, their own society. They know how to build nests, hatch the eggs. The male protect the female. They have their own timetable. They understand how to raise the babies. This is power of nature.
    Jesus said:"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father's will. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows." Matthew 10:29-31
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    耶穌說:ď兩個麻雀,不是賣一分銀子麼.若是你們的父不許,一個也不能掉在地上.就是你們的頭髮,也都被數過了.所以不要懼怕,你們比許多麻雀還貴重.Ē馬太福音 10:29-31.


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