The power of satellite TV
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Eden Broadcasting Inc

Satellite TV seemed to be state of the art technology. Remember I watched the moon launch in 1970, the price of relaying TV signal on satellite cost thousands of dollars per minute. C band satellite TV was available much latter. This huge 10 foot satellite dish was designed for receiving whole sell TV signals. Many consumers pinch the signal for home use. Ku band digital satellite TV was available in late nineties. Much smaller dish and receiver made consumers affordable at down the earth price. Many broadcasters encrypt signal to charge monthly watching fee. Some hackers decrypted the signal and open to public. This accelerated the whole satellite TV receiving business to become a crook business. A state of the art technology degraded to underground. The war between hackers and broadcasters has been kept on fighting. The consumerís underground TV signal is coming in and out like a yoyo. An investment of few hundred dollars could become hi-tech garbage next day. Greedy characters of human being could not stop piracy watch even they understand their investment could be in vain. ďU.S. President George Bush has set the date that analogue TV will be cut off in the U.S, leaving a large chunk of highly sought after radio spectrum available for services such as mobile broadband applications and emergency and military services.

While a proposed cut off date has been in place in the UK for a while now it was only this week that a new legislation was signed by President Bush. The legislation states that by February 19th 2009, all broadcasters must end transmission of analogue television signals and move to all-digital broadcasts. Also included in the legislation is a scheme worth $1.5 billion offering households up to two $40 vouchers for use in upgrading television sets so that they can receive a digital signal.

The valuable radio spectrum left over will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. According to Yahoo the upper-700-MHz band would allow wireless signals to travel four to five times as far as existing mobile phone signals can, which would make them suitable for companies looking to offer mobile wireless broadband

On 2006 fall, the time I wrote this article, I havenít seen much change in the TV industry. Manufacturers are still making a product which could obsolete in two and a half years time. Consumers do not aware of it either. Analogue TV signal will be off the air by 2009. There will be only three methods of transmitting TV signal by that time. They are cable, terrestrial, or satellite. There wonít be many changes on cable TV, for sure you have to pay to subscribe. There arenít many terrestrial broadcast available at this moment. If there is, would it be free? Could it compete with cable or satellite? Could it survive?

Satellite TV broadcasters are suffering severe lost on piracy watch. Most signals are still broadcasting over NTSC or PAL old formats. Although there are many free satellite TV signals, majority of them are religion, education, government propaganda, could not arouse the interest of consumers. Majority of dishes are pointing to pay TV on piracy watch.

Eden Broadcasting Inc. plans to broadcast over satellite on every language and will be receivable in every corner of the earth. At present day severe piracy trend, would there be any subscriber? We have done a thorough study on above matter. Below are some conclusions.


Consumers want free TV.


Consumers do not want religion programs.


Consumers want HDTV format.


Consumers want pay per view for free. (Piracy)


Many consumers want sport programs for free.

Based on above demands, if Eden broadcast 100% religion could attract very little viewers. Therefore, we have concluded that we must broadcast 90% non religion, on HDTV clear format (non-encrypted). By 2009, when analogue TV switches off the air, many dishes could point to us if we could satisfy consumers as above demands. The price of commercial time depends on subscription. Since many TV broadcasters encrypt their signal and we are the very few free channels, and our coverage is worldwide, therefore, our commercial time could sell on very high price.

Satellite TV has wide coverage area; its power could be revealed on below testimony.

From: xxxx
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 5:31 AM
Subject: carter report India

Hi we have just watched the report on Russia and the upcoming report on the outreach in India on 3ABN on our new satellite dish here in the middle of nowhere in the middle north island of New Zealand.

We wish to know how to give for the upcoming India outreach. A donation for Bibles for your work. Please contact us. Yours in the Love of Jesus Christ our soon coming King

3ABN broadcast in a 5 acre farm in Illinois, USA. The signal was received by this lady in a small island near New Zealand. Satellite TV has amazing coverage power. This power could be enhanced on having great programs to attract viewers.

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