Finger Lakes trip
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The Finger Lakes Trip

Eden plan fellowship

When we say New York, many people will correlate to a busy city. In fact, New York City is only a small part of New York State. This state is a long province. The northern side of it has beautiful countryside. There are many very European cities. They are even named European. The northern part of New York State is mountainous. These little mountains are hilly have formed many long lakes. There are five larger lakes in parallel looks like fingers. Many European settled in this territory. The weather in this area is mild very suitable for grape cultivation. Many vineyards and winery established in the Finger Lakes area.

On 4th –6th Aug 2006, the Eden plan fellowship planed an outing trip to the Finger Lakes area. We reserved two cabins and one trailer in a campsite of Ovid. We selected Friday afternoon to travel because we do not want to travel on Sabbath as the bible said in Matthew 24:20. “But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day.” Although our trip is not an escape, but the bible said you should not choose Sabbath day to travel even on escape. This obviously is not nice to travel on Sabbath counting peacetime. Our team who work took half a day off on Friday. It was lucky the traffic wasn’t bad. I figured many travellers taken Friday off had already left by Thursday. It was because coming Monday was a holiday, which many people want to make an extra long weekend. The security on border crossing was tight. They inspected our cooler and drinking water. Much later we heard the news London airport found suspects carrying liquid bombs.

Since crossing the Canadian and US border does not allow bring any fruits. So we have to purchase fruits once we crossed the border in Buffalo. Our travel members complained the fruit prices in the supermarket of Buffalo are high and not as fresh. It is correct. The city of Toronto generally has gigantic supermarkets with fierce competition price. They are selling at high volumes with quick turn over. After shopping, we rushed to the campsite. We used a toll road. They give you a ticket and collect money on exit according to the distance you travelled. On the highway, we saw deer staring at us.

On Sabbath morning, we intend to do bible study in Letchworth state park. Tourism web site suggested us to take a scenic route of highway 54. Viewing natural scenery is an exposure with God’s creation. Travel for recreation purpose is very different to rushing destination. It is highly recommended by our church. On our way, we passed Geneva. This European named city is in front of a small lake. On the other side of the lake, we saw this city looks very European. The real Geneva in Switzerland is also in front of a lake. The other side of the Geneva Lake is the French Alps Mountains Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is so high that dwarf Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is much bigger than Finger Lakes. You can see across the Geneva Lake because of the gigantic mountains looks just in front of you, but you cannot see the city and houses as we did in New York Geneva. There are glaciers in Mont Blanc. Snow does not melt in summer, because of the high altitude of Mont Blanc. The landmark of real Geneva is a high water fountain on the lake near the shore. This copy Geneva does not have water column. Both Genevas have a park on waterfront. We stopped at the park for an early break.

In the park, we meet an old Chinese woman with a baby carriage. She told us she is from Beijing China. Her daughter is working and studying in New York City. She would move to New York City very soon. There isn’t much Chinese in Geneva. We left with her a website address for access of Chinese gospel message. She was very glad to meet us.

Continue on our journey to highway 54, we went to a wrong road. On wondering no gorgeous scenery, we missed a big portion of the route. Half a day was spend on finding the road, by the time we reached Letchworth park is already late afternoon. Everybody felt hungry, so we picnic in front of a water dam. We found no water on both sides of the dam. Everybody wondering what is this dam used for? Some said this dam has been abolished. On looking at the introduction, we understand this dam is use to hold water to prevent flooding on the city below. It does not use to hold water as reservoir, because this could destroy the natural ecosystem.

This park was a private property. It has gorges and waterfalls, which are miniature wonders. People refer it as the “Grand Canyon of the East”. The landlord donated it to the state and named after him. On continue of our journey, we stopped on different scenic spots. We saw huge gorges. Running river can remove earth on its way. Rivers usually run along valley as mountains collect rainwater as funnel. Prolonged cutting action can incise a deep wall to form gorge. Although this New York gorge is miniature on comparing to the Grand Canyon of Arizona, however, they both show the great creation of God. We praised the Lord on seeing such beautiful natural scenery.

This park is enhanced by several waterfalls. The upper falls are viewed best by Glen Iris Inn. This Inn was original a private residence. It is now open to public. There was a wedding going on when we were there. The upper falls is characterized by several layers of falls. There are little falls as little as few feet high. The gathering of different sizes of falls mingles together as a choir. There are stairs and road going to the falls. There is a park by the falls. Big old trees are on everywhere. The lower fall requires some walking to view it. It is smaller than the upper falls. It is also not as sophisticated as the upper falls. But both are beautiful.

By the time we took a quick browse of these little wonders, it is already quite late. We have no time to do bible study by the falls as planed. So we rushed back to campsite before too dark. After quick wash up and simple supper beside the trailer before mosquito active, we all jammed inside the trailer for bible study. The trailer is so small that is hardly any room to stand; we all sit on the bed. The bible study is rewarding and memorable, especially Jesus promised us “for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20.

We checked out the campsite very early on Sunday morning. It was too early that no business opened yet. We stopped by a city park to do bible study again. Latter, we passed by a vineyard for free tasting and purchase of grape juice. This vineyard has a beautiful shepherd dog lying in the showroom. We latter observed this dog has a missing a front leg on seeing it limp.

For closing of our trip, we went shopping in factory outlet mall near Waterloo. Outlet malls are usually selling off-season goods at discount prices. Our members were very enjoyed this trip. We agreed it was a rewarding outing.






安息日早晨,我們計劃在Letchworth州立公園研經,旅遊網站建議我們行風景優美的54號公路。為觀賞大自然的美景以顯示神創造的偉大而旅行有別於趕路,是與神的接近,這是我們教會所極力推崇的。在我們的行程中路經日內瓦Geneva。這個以歐洲城市命名的小鎮位於一小湖面前,在湖的另一邊我們看見此地很歐洲化。真正的日內瓦在瑞士也是位於湖邊。日內瓦湖的另一邊是法國阿爾卑斯山脈的勃朗峰Mont Blanc,因勃朗峰非常高而將日內瓦湖顯得細小,日內瓦湖卻又遠大於五指湖。你能看見日內瓦湖的對岸因為龐大的山就好像在你面前,但你卻不能如紐約的日內瓦能看見市鎮內的屋。在勃朗峰有冰河,冰雪盛夏也不融化,因為勃朗峰海拔很高。真正的日內瓦地標是湖內離岸不遠一座很高的噴泉,翻版日內瓦卻無水柱。兩個日內瓦均有水邊公園,我們在公園裡稍作休息。




這公園有幾個瀑布增添不少魅力,上瀑布最適合由Glen Iris Inn旅店觀賞。這旅店原為私人住宅,現開放給公眾。當我們去到時剛好有人在此舉行婚禮。此瀑布的特點是多層瀑布,有些小瀑布只有數呎高,大大小小的瀑布群混合而成一群,好像合唱團一樣。有梯級和路通往這些瀑布,瀑布旁有一公園,到處都有巨大的古樹。下瀑布需要步行一段路才能觀賞到,它比上瀑布為小,亦沒有那麼復雜,但兩者仍是非常美麗。









安息日早晨,我们计划在Letchworth州立公园研经,旅游网站建议我们行风景优美的54号公路。为观赏大自然的美景以显示神创造的伟大而旅行有别於赶路,是与神的接近,这是我们教会所极力推崇的。在我们的行程中路经日内瓦Geneva。这个以欧洲城市命名的小镇位於一小湖面前,在湖的另一边我们看见此地很欧洲化。真正的日内瓦在瑞士也是位於湖边。日内瓦湖的另一边是法国阿尔卑斯山脉的勃朗峰Mont Blanc,因勃朗峰非常高而将日内瓦湖显得细小,日内瓦湖却又远大於五指湖。你能看见日内瓦湖的对岸因为庞大的山就好像在你面前,但你却不能如纽约的日内瓦能看见市镇内的屋。在勃朗峰有冰河,冰雪盛夏也不融化,因为勃朗峰海拔很高。真正的日内瓦地标是湖内离岸不远一座很高的喷泉,翻版日内瓦却无水柱。两个日内瓦均有水边公园,我们在公园里稍作休息。




这公园有几个瀑布增添不少魅力,上瀑布最适合由Glen Iris Inn旅店观赏。这旅店原为私人住宅,现开放给公众。当我们去到时刚好有人在此举行婚礼。此瀑布的特点是多层瀑布,有些小瀑布只有数尺高,大大小小的瀑布群混合而成一群,好像合唱团一样。有梯级和路通往这些瀑布,瀑布旁有一公园,到处都有巨大的古树。下瀑布需要步行一段路才能观赏到,它比上瀑布为小,亦没有那么复杂,但两者仍是非常美丽。




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