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"Lucky Cloud" torch

The Olympic Torch is based on traditional scrolls and uses a Chinese Zhou dynasty pattern design known as "Lucky Cloud" with Han Dynasty red colour. The Torch is designed in reference to the traditional Chinese concept of the 5 elements that make up the entire universe. The torch is designed to remain lit in 65 kilometer-an-hour winds, and in rain of up to 50 millimeters-an-hour. Its main body is using silver and red colours. 72cm long, weights 985gm. It uses butane as fuel. Its material is high quality thin aluminum and plastic. Its lower body portion is sprayed with non slippery plastic paint.

There are a total of 21,880 people to relay the torch. 19,400 of them are in China. Every person runs 200 meters. 2,480 international athletes run 250 meters each.

The theme of 2008 Olympic torch relay is “Light the Passion Share the Dream”. It takes 130 days to make the journey. The total distance ran is 137,000 km. It includes five continents and 20 cities. There are 21,780 athletes. It has the longest and broadest route and the highest number of participants. Since the 2004 Athens Olympic, this is the second broadcast of the torch fire to the whole world. The torch will be delivered to the highest mountain of the world, the Mount Everest (Chinese name: Mt. Qomolangma) of the Himalayas. The cities where the torch passes by are mostly those which had never been involved in relaying the Olympic torch or hosting the games.

The Zhou dynasty “Lucky Cloud” pattern does not looks like cloud at all. It looks like scrolls of volume. I have never seen cloud that looks like volume of books. Is there cloud that really looks like scrolls? “Lucky Cloud” is the sign of arrival of fortune. This heavenly phenomenon giving signs of fortune is of course very rare to happen. Revelation 6:14. “And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.” This is “Lucky Cloud”! In fact, the bible has already described the scenery of the second coming of Jesus. At that moment, at a time when no one will expect it, Jesus will return! The heavens are rolled together as a scroll, the earth trembles before Him, and every mountain and island is moved out of its place. Soon there appears in the east a small black cloud, about half the size of a man’s hand. As the cloud draws nearer earth it becomes brighter and brighter and more glorious until it became a huge cloud with a rainbow above it. In silence the people of God gaze at the scene, speechless. It is breathtaking! The sky is filled with radiant forms, ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of angels surrounding Jesus on His throne! There will be earthquake,”For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17.

The Zhou Dynasty was in the flood time. The Han Dynasty is the same time of Jesus. No wonder they have seen more “Lucky Cloud” than nowadays.

The Olympic flame is lit up by sunlight in the ancient Greek temple. It is a cult ceremony. Fortunately, the priestesses were actresses. It is a show.

The Olympic torch is the sign of peace. The theme of 2008 Olympic is “One world, one dream”. That’s right. It is the dream of everybody. We do not only want peace on earth, we hope Jesus coming back as soon as possible to give us eternal life. Although we do not discuss politics with the Olympics, unfortunately, there are sneaky people making false news and statements to disturb the game. Worry you not, after the disasters, there will be great fortune waiting for us.

The bible has clearly indicated that there would be tribulation before Jesus return. We must be extremely alert. Jesus told us: “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:23-24. During that time, you must stand firm on your truthful believe. Use your intelligence to analyze the rightness or wrong doing, the truth and the false. Because there will be many people creating false testimony, making confusion, you could easily be deceived if not paying extreme caution. There is no mutual position on the controversy between the righteous and the wicked. Anyhow, do not afraid. Be prepared for persecution. “Lucky Cloud” will bring you fortune that you have deserved for. “One world, one dream”.




北京奧運會火炬接力活動的主題是「和諧之旅」,以「點燃激情 傳遞夢想」(Light the Passion Share the Dream)為口號。北京奧運會火炬接力活動歷時130天,傳遞總里程約137,000公里,包括五大洲的20座城市,參予傳遞火炬手達21,780人。是迄今為止線路最長、範圍最廣、參與人數最多的一次奧運聖火傳遞。這是繼2004年雅典奧運會之後,奧運聖火第二次在全球傳播。此次聖火將會傳遞至世界最高峰,即喜馬拉雅山珠穆朗瑪峰。這次的聖火傳遞與歷屆的最大不同的是所經的城市很少是「奧運城市」,而且很多都是第一次進行聖火傳遞。

周朝祥雲圖案一點也不像雲,看似書卷,我從來就沒有看過這樣的雲,究竟有沒有像書卷的雲呢?祥就是吉祥之意,天體出現吉祥之兆,當然是不輕易見到的啦。啟示錄 6:14 「天就挪移,好像書卷被捲起來;山嶺海島都被挪移離開本位。」這就是祥雲!原來聖經早有預言耶穌再來的景象。那時,天上出現像書卷的祥雲,在東方有一朵半個手掌般大的黑雲,它慢慢吹近,便看到有千千萬萬的天使伴著基督再來。那時,地就大大震動,「因為主必親自從天降臨,有呼叫的聲音和天使長的聲音,又有神的號吹響;那在基督裡死了的人必先復活。以後我們這活著還存留的人必和他們一同被提到雲裡,在空中與主相遇。這樣,我們就要和主永遠同在。」帖前 4:16-17.




聖經明顯地顯示了我們。在主耶穌再來之前,世界必有混亂,介時每一個人都要十分警醒,耶穌早己告訴了我們:「那時,若有人對你們說:『基督在這裡』,或說:『基督在那裡』,你們不要信!因為假基督、假先知將要起來,顯大神蹟、大奇事,倘若能行,連選民也就迷惑了。」馬太福音 24:23-24。那時,你們要堅守真實的信仰,用理智去分辨是與非,真與偽。因為有許多人會偽做事實,混淆視聽,張冠李載,一不留心,就會受人迷惑。那時,你是不能持觀望態度,因為善與惡的鬥爭是無中立的。然而,你們不要懼怕,要忍受苦難。祥雲會帶給你新的希望,這就是你的夢想。也是同一世界,同一夢想。




北京奥运会火炬接力活动的主题是「和谐之旅」,以「点燃激情 传递梦想」(Light the Passion Share the Dream)为口号。北京奥运会火炬接力活动历时130天,传递总里程约137,000公里,包括五大洲的20座城市,参予传递火炬手达21,780人。是迄今为止线路最长、范围最广、参与人数最多的一次奥运圣火传递。这是继2004年雅典奥运会之后,奥运圣火第二次在全球传播。此次圣火将会传递至世界最高峰,即喜马拉雅山珠穆朗玛峰。这次的圣火传递与历届的最大不同的是所经的城市很少是「奥运城市」,而且很多都是第一次进行圣火传递。

周朝祥云图案一点也不像云,看似书卷,我从来就没有看过这样的云,究竟有没有像书卷的云呢?祥就是吉祥之意,天体出现吉祥之兆,当然是不轻易见到的啦。启示录 6:14 「天就挪移,好像书卷被卷起来;山岭海岛都被挪移离开本位。」这就是祥云!原来圣经早有预言耶稣再来的景象。那时,天上出现像书卷的祥云,在东方有一朵半个手掌般大的黑云,它慢慢吹近,便看到有千千万万的天使伴着基督再来。那时,地就大大震动,「因为主必亲自从天降临,有呼叫的声音和天使长的声音,又有神的号吹响;那在基督里死了的人必先复活。以后我们这活着还存留的人必和他们一同被提到云里,在空中与主相遇。这样,我们就要和主永远同在。」帖前 4:16-17.




圣经明显地显示了我们。在主耶稣再来之前,世界必有混乱,介时每一个人都要十分警醒,耶稣早己告诉了我们:「那时,若有人对你们说:『基督在这里』,或说:『基督在那里』,你们不要信!因为假基督、假先知将要起来,显大神迹、大奇事,倘若能行,连选民也就迷惑了。」马太福音 24:23-24。那时,你们要坚守真实的信仰,用理智去分辨是与非,真与伪。因为有许多人会伪做事实,混淆视听,张冠李载,一不留心,就会受人迷惑。那时,你是不能持观望态度,因为善与恶的斗争是无中立的。然而,你们不要惧怕,要忍受苦难。祥云会带给你新的希望,这就是你的梦想。也是同一世界,同一梦想。

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